Neo Networks, Inc.’s youth enrichment and computer literacy program operates in Dekalb County and surrounding counties, with its principle office being located at 4284 Memorial Drive, Suite # B Decatur, GA 30032.
This program is affordable and delivers results.

This corporation is organized exclusively for Educational and Charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c ) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


This project is designed to educate the mind, to foster the development of the whole child, nurture the spirit and to educate youth in the area of computer literacy, while also stimulating the desire for life long learning, intellectual curiosity, and promoting individual self-esteem.
Computer-based learning activities are implemented for the expressed purpose of offering the youth in the community classes in developing computer skills and increasing knowledge of various computer programs. Neo Networks, Inc.’s youth enrichment and computer literacy program seeks to introduce and prepare the youth for the 21st century.
This program provides tutorial and mentoring services. Teachers instruct students and help them learn various computer programs. Popular software programs currently being used by a plethora of corporations are taught in these classes as a way to provide students with a marketable skill, differentiating them from other job seekers.